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Vivid Sydney

“Vivid Sydney” is a yearly festival bringing together creativity, innovation and technology in Sydney. It literally transforms the city for 23 days and nights. In 2023, for its 13th year, “Vivid Sydney” will celebrate art, innovation and technology in collaboration with the best artists, thinkers, musicians and culinary experts of our time. On the 26th of May it kicked off again. The programme is sectioned into Vivid Light, Ideas, Music and Food, inspired by this year’s artistic direction, “Vivid Sydney, naturally”. “Vivid Sydney” is owned, managed and produced by Destination NSW. NSW stands for “New South Wales”, the region around Sydney.

There are different subtopics of “Vivid Sydney”. There is for example the “Vivid Light”, which invigorates the city with impressive art installations and 3D light projections. The free “Light Walk” offers a kilometer long adventure through Sydney. You walk past the Circular Quay, The Rocks etc. You can experience the city with 60 light attractions, including 26 international works and the so far largest installation, The Last Ocean by the American artist Jen Lewin. Another important subtopic is “Vivid Music”. There are free live music events at many destinations and roaming artists across the Light Walk. In addition, the renowned author Jeanette Winterson, the experimental psychologist Jesse Bering and many more are part of the “Vivid Ideas” programme. “Vivid Ideas” questions our way of thinking and wants to help us to build up a more sustainable future. The programme “Vivid Ideas” is meant to make you focus on what really matters – community, authenticity, respect and love. This year there is a new subtopic too: “Vivid Food”. It is all about celebrating those who make our food scene so special.

The festival has won many awards. It has been recognised by the Interntional Festivals & Events association (IFEA) and won 14 medals at the IFEA Pinnacle Awards 2022. Besides that, “Vivid Sydney” was often voted Australia’s Best Tourism Event. “Vivid Sydney’s” purpose is to show diversity in Sydney. It wants to support creativity, technology and innovation for generating a more sustainable future. The show in Sydney should also be a moment of wonder.

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