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  • Philipp Schmid

Welcome to Wrexham: Season 1 Review

“Welcome to Wrexham” covers the story of how two Hollywood actors bought a small football club in Wales, and what happened along the way, as well as the process of being the owner, coach, and players.

The series begins with a crowd forming in the small town of Wrexham, because news just dropped that Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney bought their favorite club, and that shows how excited and passionate they are for their club. Rob and Ryan then talk about how risky it is to have bought the club, because if they do bad in a string of games, they could already get fired. The series also goes into the backstory and the life of almost everyone, including residents of Wrexham, shop owners, players, and fans. This brings a very good emotion to the story. For example episode 7 is not about football, but about the country of Wales. In this episode Rob and Ryan explain some Welsh words, do some Welsh cooking and just a bunch of Welsh things.

Then, of course, there is also football. We learn the English Promotion and Demotion system, and how Wrexham have been sitting in the 5th tier of English football for over 10 years. In the 1st episode Rob and Ryan are on a call with the Wrexham supporters trust, and they are searching for approval to buy the club, since the club is owned by fans. The reason Rob wants to buy the club is because it reminds him of his hometown Philadelphia, and he wants to bring success and glory to Wrexham. But he can't do this himself because he didn't have the money, so he convinced Ryan Reynolds to join him. They finally get the approval and their era can begin. Wrexham was not doing well as they took over, sitting in 12th place. But in the January transfer window, they bought a striker named Paul Mullin, who pushed them up the table, eventually bringing them into the so-called playoffs. The top 6 teams get into the playoffs which is almost like a mini tournament. Whoever wins goes into the next division alongside 1st place in the regular season. Before that though, Wrexham also qualified for the FA trophy semi finals, and they won, which meant they would be going to the Wembley stadium for the finals. This was a chance to give Rob and Ryan their first piece of silverware. Sadly, they lost. But they were still in the playoffs. If they won, they would be in the fourth division for the first time in over 10 years, and they... lost. But don't worry they went up the next season.

I think Welcome to Wrexham is a very well-produced series with it having a mixture of humour, feel-good, and seriousness in it. If I were you, I would give it a watch.

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