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What happened in 2023 and what's to come in 2024                                    come in 2024

Since 2024 is right around the corner, let’s look back at what has happened in the past year and what is going to happen in 2024. For the sports world, 2023 started off hot, as on the 3rd of January, Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo signed for Saudi Arabian side Al-Nassr. This started almost a revolution because of how many players followed in his footsteps, not for football, but for money.

Famous American basketball player Lebron James surpassed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for most points scored over a career in the NBA, which made him one of the most successful athletes of all time.

Some other good things that happened in 2023: the Gender Pay Gap hit an all-time low, meaning that women almost earn the same as men now; the coronavirus pandemic officially ended on May 5th; Kenyan runner Kelvin Kiptum ran a marathon in just 2 hours and 35 seconds, setting a record; Ukraine remains independent despite war against Russia and 104 year old Dorothy Hoffner went skydiving, which shows you can be daring at any age. Now that we have discussed some of the things that happened in 2023, let's talk about 2024.

2024 is a leap year, so it will have slightly more days than usual, with it having 365.24 days. Staying on the astronomical side, in the coming year we will also witness a solar eclipse. This means that from the view of the earth, the moon will be blocking almost the whole entire sun, which will lead to a beautiful display if you are in certain areas around the world (USA, Mexico and Canada). Coincidentally, leap years happen to coincide with the Olympics, which happen every four years, this time in France.  There are also many other sporting events happening in 2024, such as the European Championship (Euros), which will be held in Germany this year, as well as Wimbledon, the Australian Open, the Super Bowl, the Champions League and many more unmissable events happening.

People are always excited for movies coming out, and this year it will be a bunch of sequels to highly successful movies in the past, such as Deadpool 3, Venom 3 and Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire. Now you might be thinking that this is great, but you’ll want it to be over A.S.A.P. when you hear whats happening in 2025: The Batman part 2, Fantastic 4, Superman 2, Alladin 2, John Wick, Star Wars: Lost Horizons, Minecraft the Movie and Avatar the Last Airbender: Echoes and Aftershocks are all coming out in 2025 with more to be revealed in the future, which already sounds amazing. But we will wait and maybe 2024 might not be that bad.

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