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  • Nadia Balogun

What’s in the deep waters?

The Ocean is such a lovely place with all the interesting different species. Humans have only investigated 5% of the Ocean. That’s actually very very little. The World is covered in 71% water. There are five different parts of the Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Southern Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. The Pacific Ocean is proven to be the biggest oceans out of them all. The Pacific Ocean has approximately an area of 64 million square miles and a depth of 14,040 feet. It is located in Asia, Oceania, North America and South America .The smallest Ocean is proven to be the Arctic Ocean with approximately an area with 6.1 Million square miles and a depth of 18,050 feet. The Artic ocean is boarded in Greenland Canada, Norway, Alaska, and Russia.

The ocean is such a remarkable place. It’s a beautiful place to swim and just watch. We can’t forget the spectacular waves. The ocean is the largest living structure. There is around 38.5 quadrillion tons of sea salt in the Oceans. One of the most unusual sea creatures ever found, is the Japanese spider crab. The Japanese spider crab is the largest living crab in the world, with its long slim legs. The most dangerous species in the ocean that we know of is the box jellyfish. It’s venom can kill humans in a matter of minutes. It’s very beautiful to look at. It’s 15 tentacles can grow up to 3 meters long. This is dangerous species is originated in northern Australia. Why is having coral reefs so important? Coral reefs are important for our ecosystem. It creates so many different homes for the marine life. Coral reefs guard our coastlines from Storms and erosion. Why is the sea salty? Ocean salt comes from the rocks on the land and the openings in the seafloor. The ocean water that is the least salty is the Arctic. The biggest sea creature in the world is the Arctic blue whale. The arctic whale as a weight of 400,000 pounds and can reach up to 98 feet long. It eats a lot of krill. They can eat up to 6 tons of krill per day. Drinking seawater can be very deadly to humans if consumed too much. The saltiest sea in the world is the red sea. In the red sea, there are over 300 species of coral and 2,100 species of fish. The depth of the red sea is 3,040m. What to avoid went swimming in the Red Sea? The lion Fish: The danger about the lionfish is their venom, which can be dangerous to us, humans. The deepest sea dive in history was by Mariana Trench. She swam a whopping depth of 10,927m into the challenging Deep.

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