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  • Benjamin Charbonnier

What was the best race this F1?

Currently we are closing in on the end of the season, so let’s have a look back and see which race was the best so far. In my opinion, there are 3 races that stand out. Australia, Netherlands and Singapore Grand prix. Honourable mention to Japan but I just think the results were only good if you are a McLaren fan.

First things first, let’s have a look at Australia. It was truly worth watching even though it might not have had such an intense start, the ending was the definition of chaos which is always fun to watch. An impressive total of 8 drivers did not finish the race. I mean, there is no way you didn’t like this race. After two mediocre opening races for the season it was nice to have a good race. While the results were not great in my opinion I still enjoyed the race as my favourite driver was gonna get a good result (Pierre Gasly) until he crashed.

Moving on to the Dutch Grand Prix. From what I could tell this race was very exciting because of the rain but to be fair I watched this race in the Cologne airport with horrible connection and my flight got delayed so it was the only thing preventing my boredom to arise. Also Pierre Gasly got P3, it might just be a bit biased but I guess Fernando Alonso somehow got P2 although that Aston Martin was only good for the first few races of the season.

Now we move on to the most recent race of my top 3 Singapore. This race was great for everyone except for the vast amount of Max Verstappen fans aka glory hounters (no offence but its true). Unless you are dutch then I choose to respect your opinion. Anyways unlike every other race this season someone who is NOT racing for Red Bull Racing actually won! Carlos Sainz! He truly is the smoothest of operators. Moving on in some parallel universe it actualy could have been George Russel but he ruined it last lap by going of track. But before that Carlos actualy did a smart move in which he intentionally slowed down to give Lando Norris DRS to prevent the two Mercedes cars from overtaking them.

Over all, this is probably the best race so far but I hope there will still be something this season that beats it.

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