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Who is Ed Sheeran really?

Ed Sheeran is a famous song writer you probably have heard of. He is known for songs like Eyes closed, Curtains, Perfect, Bad Habits, Thinking out loud, Photograph, Castle on the hill and many more. But how well do you really know him? Edward Christopher Sheeran was born in Halifax west Yorkshire in England on the 17th of February 1991. He grew up in a very catholic family with very artistic parents. His father John Sheeran worked as an articulator and lecturer whilst his mother worked as a music teacher, and he has an older brother called Matthew. When Ed Sheeran was about the age of four, he started singing in public in a church. He learned to play guitar at 11 and wrote his first couple of songs when he was in high school. It is not a big surprise that he is a great musician today, but even though he grew up with music in his life Ed Sheeran was not always such a great singer. Ed played a clip in public from when he was a young teen, proving that he just could not sing well. After years of practice however, he has become a great song writer and a famous musician proving that hard work is a true talent.

Ed Sheeran wrote plenty songs and quite a few albums the most popular being Plus, Multiply, Divide, Equal, and his last album Subtract released in May this year. True to his passion for music he realest his second album in a year with another 14 brand new songs of his newest album released September 29. 2023 called “autumn variations” with his newest 14 songs: 1.Magical 2.England 3.Amazing 4.Plastic bag 5. Blue 6. American Town 7. Thats on me 8. Page 9. Midnight 10. Spring 11. Punchline 12. When will I be all right 13. The day I was born 14. Head > Heels In this newest album Ed Sheeran was most probably referring to life during the pandemic since he mentions in the song “spring” at the beginning of the song: “Where is my mind, I've lost the nerve This year flew by without a word I had a plan to cross the world But haven't left this island”

He sings of plans to cross the world, but they must have been cancelled since the next thing he says is, but I haven't left this island. All his songs mention friends, love, loss, and heartbreak. Aside from his life and job as a song writer Ed Sheeran has a personal life. Ed Sheeran knew Cherry Seaborn since both were children and after both were reunited in New York 2015 they started dating. He then proposed to Cherry over the holidays in 2017. They then secretly got married a year later in January 2018 with only about 40 guests. Now he has two daughters the first Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran born 2020 and Jupiter Seaborn Sheeran born 2022. Both parents understandably try to keep them out of spotlight though.

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