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Why Germany Is Worth a Visit As you might already know, if you read the article about German stereotypes, I am German. And my favourite place remains Germany, even though I am now living in London. Germany has so many factors that makes it the best country I have ever seen. And if you want to know why I love it so much, continue reading, because I will now let you know why Germany is worth a visit, or even a place to stay/live.

1. Efficiency

Germany is a very efficient country, because everything and everyone is efficient. Have you looked at the German “Straßenverkehrsordnung” (or “StvO” for short)? It´s a bunch of rules everyone who drives a car, rides a bicycle and so on has to follow. And it´s working very well: Every German only crosses the street when the traffic light turns green and (almost) every German drives with care because of all the “Blitzer” (a camera that takes a photo of everyone who drives faster than the speed limit). The German “Autobahn” (Eng.: motorway/freeway/highway) is working very well; there is just a small amount of “Staus” (Eng.: traffic jams) and there are lots of police officers who make “Fahrkontrollen” (they check that you´re not drunk and that you have your licence with you). And if you visit German supermarkets, everything is efficient too. Every section has its own organisation and lots of very tasty groceries. Do you already want to go to Germany? No? Then continue reading, because Germany is an incredibly beautiful place.

2. Ambience

Yeah, it might be a little bit confusing when I say that Germany has a good ambience, but in a way, I’m right. The majority of foreigners think that the whole country looks rather like the not very beautiful part of Berlin or like a very old village. And I think: You are right, but somehow you still aren’t, because Germany has many beautiful places, but mostly you have to find them. For example, when you want to visit very beautiful seas, go to “Schleswig Holstein”. It is a very beautiful federal state near the Nord- and Ostsee (the two seas Germany has in the north). You can swim in both, and both look beautiful. And if you want to visit very old German villages or climb up mountains, visit the “Harz”. It has many climbable mountains like the “Brocken,” and almost medieval-looking villages like “Wernigerode”. And yes, not every German is always friendly (they can be very angry sometimes), but everyone goes through bad times (you included). And maybe it’s because you’re foreign and you don’t understand them, so they ignore you. But then you have to say: “Entschuldigung, kann ich sie kurz etwas fragen?” and they should listen.

You still do not want to go to Germany? Then I’ve got something for you...

3. Food

Germans are very good cooks. And no, they don’t just eat Bratwurst or Sauerkraut. Typical German food is very tasty and diverse. Typical dishes are:

  • Bretzel (Pretzel)

  • German bread (“Schwarzbrot”)

  • Knödel (dumplings)

  • Kartoffelpuffer (patty-like potatoes, roasted)

  • Kartoffelsalat (potato salad)

  • Spätzle (a kind of pasta)

  • Schnitzel (pork filet breaded and roasted)

  • Berliner (sweet pastries, similar to scones)

  • Lebkuchen (biscuits, typically made at Christmas time)

All of them are very delicious (I speak from experience), and almost all of them are vegetarian (but not low calorie). By the way: Have you already been in the bakery called: “Hansel & Pretzel?” What do people say? All the products are delicious? It’s German! That’s why it tastes good.

As you can see, Germany can be unsympathetic sometimes, but when you’ve found the right place (Flensburg is my favourite), it will be a very nice place to live or visit. You just have to make sure to find a place that suits you.

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