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  • Benjamin Charbonnier

Why the Mandalorian season 1 is the best Star Wars show

The Mandalorian season 1 released way back in 2019. Out of all the recent seasons and other shows it’s the best. Let's have a look at its competition first though. Mandalorian season 2 was a great season although it had a bit of a mediocre start. The middle part of the season was great but sadly the last episode wasn’t really as good as the previous season. Overall, a great sequel that surpassed all my expectations, just not quite as good as season 1. However, for some unknown reason a third season was released and let's just say that it was quite bad. It consisted of average episodes that were pretty boring, even a filler episode that you could have not watched and understood the story just fine and an episode featuring Jack Black and Lizzo who ruled a planet together. One can state that season 3 best episodes are just as good as season 1 first.

Next is Obi Wan. His show was pretty ok, but I didn’t appreciate how Obi Wans character development went backwards. In the prequels he was confident and never admitted defeat especially in the duel with Darth Maul in the Phantom Menace were after his master was killed and he was on the brink of death he made a crazy jump and defeated Darth Maul showing that character development in the way he beat Maul, but his Master couldn’t. In the show he loses all his confidence. He makes it very obvious that he believed his skills were inferior to Darth Vaders. He also seemed very scared of the Empire.

It's not all bad though, I think the show succeeded in making Vader a menacing villain and they really did a great job to make him look powerful. This show also didn’t match up to the high standards of the original Mandalorian season. I would say the closest contender has to be Andor. This show shows the start of the rebellion and has some great scenes like the time

when the empire tried arresting him on Ferrix or the Heist with some great build up. Or the prison break which I rewatched after I finished the Episode. It was great but the Mandalorian was just perfect. The first episode was an absolute banger with some great scenes the second one was also pretty epic as he fought a Mudhorn and we get to see Grogou use his force ability for the first time. The third episode had the crazy scene where he saved Grogou from all the bounty hunters. I could say something good about every episode but I think just this shows the great consistency of goodness in the season.

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