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  • Yoshi Wickenhaeuser

Why TikTok is banned on some phones

TikTok is a social media app where you can post short videos. It is owned by the Chinese company Byte Dance.

TikTok claims that they do not give any of the users’ data to the Chinese government. However, TikTok does record everything you do on the app. It records things like what you watch and on what you comment on and favourite. If you have an account, it knows your age, location and your typing rhythm.

The app has been banned by many countries such as the USA or India. In countries such as Canada or Belgium, TikTok has only been banned on the phones of government officials. But it has more recently been banned by the UK government on officials' phones. The government banned TikTok because of the risk that confidential data is being passed on. Everything that you do on your phone can be accessed by TikTok. As it is owned by a Chinese company, they might still be giving some information to the Chinese government even if they deny it.

TikTok will still be available on our phones but not on the phones of government officials, as it is risk to all government phones.

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