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Every year there are approximately 70,000 wildfires throughout the world.

In 2021 there were more than 140 forest fires in Greece and more than 8,200 in Australia.

Worldwide, forest fires in 2019-2020 generated 700 million tons of carbon dioxide.

The largest wildfire in 2021 occurred in California and destroyed more than 1,811 square kilometers of forest. The total forest destroyed by the fires in 2021 is 186,000 square kilometers. In Greece the destruction was 930 square kilometers in just 14 days.

These forest fires also have a heavy effect on the animals that live in those forests like the koalas or kangaroos. The fires are destroying their homes and there’s nothing they can do about it. But there are some organizations, such as International Animal Rescue and The World Wildlife Fund, that are trying to help these animals, through donations.

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