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Women’s Football in England

On the 31 of July 2022 the English women's football team, also known as the Lionesses, won the UEFA women's EURO 2022 against Germany. 365 people watched the finals on that day and there was an attendance rate of 574,875 people (about half the population of Hawaii) in Wembley stadium! Ever since that amazing win, women’s football has become a lot more popular in England.

Chelsea Womens FC is currently the best women’s team in England, winning their fourth Super League cup 2022-23 against Reading. They’re even better than the men’s Chelsea Team! Although something terrible happened to their goalkeeper. Their goalkeeper Ann-Kathrin Berger got cancer, but still continued playing during the EUROS. She had gotten cancer for the first time in 2017 and had recovered quite quickly, while also still playing for her team. A couple days before the EURO finals she was diagnosed with cancer. After taking a break shortly after the EUROS she said she had slowly recovered and is now luckily back to playing with her team. She said in an interview “Football saved my mental health” ( goalkeeper-ann-katrin-berger-on-her-thyroid-cancer-return-and-how-football-saved-her)

The motto for the Women’s Leagues in England is “The FA is for all” and Chelsea’s is “no to hate”. It’s a statement against discrimination and telling all of the millions of fans that each and every one of them deserve to watch the FA. I think it’s an amazing way to empower the many girls that play football to follow their dream no matter what. Chelsea is also hosting the campaign “Game 4 Ukraine” at Stamford Bridge Stadium on the 5 of August 2022. Their gathering donations for schools in the Ukraine that have been bombed.

The atmosphere in the stadium is electric. The future of women’s football looks bright and all they need is your support! Go and support your local team and show the women’s and girls’ community some love and support! Hope this sparked some interest in you!

Go check out their Website

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