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  • Rebecca Bianco

World Irish dancing Championships.

Thanks to the leadership of Tourisme Montreale and the Palais des Congres de Montreal, the city will host the World Irish Dancing Championships from April 2 to 9, 2023. Some 6000 participants will attend the competition which is being organised by An Coimisiunle Rinci Gaelacha (The Irish Dancing Comission), and will use 18,000 room nights in local accommodations during their stay in Montreal.

The World Irish Dancing Championships is a competition that takes place every year, usually in different countries. To qualify for the Worlds, you first have to go to Nationals and perform three times in front of up to nine different judges. Nationals, for example: The GB’s, start off with a heavy shoe round, where dancers have to dance either the Hornpipe or the Heavy Jig, but it changes every year. Then comes the light dances, either the Reel or the Slip Jig, these also change from year to year. After both dances have been danced, you go backstage and get told whether or not the judges want to see you again. If yes you will dance your set dance, this is a heavy shoe dance and is choreographed for you and only you, meaning you have to dance it alone. After having danced your set and after a long time of waiting, comes the moment of truth, you listen for your number to be called. The chances of qualifying are only 1%. If your number gets called, you qualify for the World Irish Dancing Championships. For many it’s a dream come true, some dancers train to hear that number be called their whole lives.

5 months later the national champions compete against each other to become Irish dance champions of the world.

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