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  • Maya Rose

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This may contain spoilers for the game!

If you haven’t heard of the game Zelda Breath of the Wild, you’re missing out. I’m not really a gaming person but I love this game. The game was released by Nintendo in 2017. It’s an adventure game following a story line.

Zelda Breath of the Wild is based in an imaginary land named Hyrule, which in legend was created by gods named Zonai. In the game you play as a knight named Link, whose duty is to wield the sword that seals the darkness. The game starts with Link awakening in a shrine of resurrection (information regarding the shrines will be provided later on). He has lost all of his memory but a familiar voice guides him through his quest.

Afterwards he is brought to the shrine of resurrection in hoping for his survival and a chance to save the princess. The aim of the game is to rescue the princess, Princess Zelda, who carries the sacred power of light, from the evil creation Calamity Ganon. To do so you must free the four divine beasts: the beast of wind, the beast of water, the beast of fire and the beast of electricity. It’s very much elementally based. In each of the divine beasts you must conquer one of Ganon's minions, who carry the element of the divine beast as their weapon. The divine beast along with their champion leaders will help you defeat the Calamity Ganon.

In the game you also visit these temples possessed by the Goddess of Hyrule (Hylia)

named shrines. In these shrines you must complete tasks that can teach you secrets and

Sheikah (more information about the Sheikah will be given later) skills or enhance your power, to earn your reward at the end: a spirit orb. With these you can expand your health or your stamina for sprinting, scaling mountains and even paragliding. These Sheikah skills that you learn come from the tribe of the Sheikah, which worked closely with the royal family of Hyrule. They're known for their amazing technological skills. They were the ones who created the Sheikah Slate which Link carries on his hip. It’s his only connection to his past with the princess. They also created the laser-shooting scouts called guardians. These powerful guardians were built to protect Hyrule from Calamity Ganon, but Ganon managed to take control over these too. They are quite powerful under Calamity Ganons control.

In the game you choose your own order of the storyline, but it always ends the same. While working your way through the story line you can adventure Hyrule, visit its many surviving villages, go scavenging in the wild, fight troops of monsters sent to eliminate you by Ganon and complete many side quests to help the people of Hyrule.

My favorite part of the game are probably the Korok. They’re little plant-like creatures that hide all throughout Hyrule. They are friendly creatures that come from the Lost Woods. This is a very important place in Hyrule. In the centre of the Lost Woods lies the Korok forest.

In the Korok forest you will find a massive talking tree named Deku. He has been the protector of the sword that seals the darkness ever since Link fell in battle. The pedestal for the so-called Master Sword you will find in Korok forest. The Korok forest is also the home for the big broccoli-looking creature named Hestu. With the magic of his maracas, he can expand your stashes for swords, shields and bows. To do so you must give him Korok seeds, that you collect every time you find a hidden Korok throughout Hyrule. There are many other secret quests and mysteries to be found in Hyrule!

Well, I hope I sparked some interest for you. Come join the Zelda BotW community of about 29.8 million other players! I hope you have as much fun as I do!

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