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  • Benjamin Charbonnier

The Empire in Star Wars isn’t as bad as you think

If you have watched Star Wars before you would think that the Empire was evil and that the rebels were the good guys, but what if I said the rebels were in fact the bad guys?

Right now you are probably thinking that this is ridiculous so I will prove it to you.

The Jedi

In the franchise Jedi are shown to be a wise group of people who have mind powers. They are supposed to be the great saviour of the galaxy. The Jedi find small children across the galaxy, check if they have mind powers and if they do they take them with to be trained. Now, lets imagine you are six years old and you lived with your mum and dad in an isolated desert village your whole life and all of a sudden some wizard guy shows up in his fancy space ship and takes you from your parents and brings you to the other side of the galaxy. He tells you, you can’t love anyone you can’t go to your parents ever, you can’t ever be angry or sad and you need to learn how to fight with a lazer sword.

Would you appreciate that? Would you be calm? Would you like this? Probably not. So you can’t blame someone for becoming a sith in a situation like this.

Let’s have another thought experiment. Let’s say you live on a planet that suffers under severe poverty. At the same time, you are constantly getting shot at by some killer robots. Some soldiers show up saying that the robots are evil and they start shooting at them. You hear on the news that some wizard guys saved the really rich people who don’t share their money and that they you need to listen to the soldiers because they’re gonna save you but there isn’t actually any wizard here. The robots say if you join them they will give you money and help, would you accept it? Absolutely! That’s what happened in the clone wars.

The Rebelion

You might think that the rebels still had good intentions after all. But that doesn’t seem so true

either. The only proof we get that the empire is evil is that they try killing the rebels, but if a country gets attacked by terrorists they want revenge which is exactly what the empire is doing, apart from the fact that they blew up Alderan, they ,the rebels, blew up to giant space stations aka the Deaf Stars with millions of innocent employees who are just trying to make some money. The galaxy after the empire was defeated didn’t seem any better. In the Mandalorian we see a dystopian future full of crime and the Mandalorian says the new republic is a joke when his employer suggests to him to report an ex empire leader. Also Mando says that fuel prices are very high as he says 2000 credits doesn’t even pay for fuel anymore implying that it used to be cheaper when the empire was around.

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