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Autumn is the time of year when all the leaves fall from the trees and turn yellow, red, or brown. The season starts on the 1 of September and ends on the 30 of November. In this time, it starts to get cold, and it is only a few months until Christmas. It gets extremely comfortable at home, even when it is raining outside. You can search for chestnuts and make figures out of them. Another nice activity is to go to the park and look at the wonderful nature.

When we think of autumn, the color of the leaves comes to mind. Of course, the change in temperature after a long summer is also noticeable. I also think of the taste of pumpkin spice.

The animals are also preparing themselves for the long winter months ahead. Also, the days begin getting shorter.There is also a theory that says people who are born in autumn live longer, but this is not a proven fact.

In this time of the year, we also celebrate Halloween. On Halloween, some people go trick or treating and dress up in scary costumes. You go from house to house and ask for treats, maybe dressed as a skeleton, ghost, or pumpkin. You do not need to wear a full costume you can just wear a hat or a scary mask. The festival Halloween symbolizes the boundary between the world of the living and the world of dead. Some of the traditions date back to 2,000 years ago.

In autumn many vegetables grow and ripen for example beetroot, broccoli, carrots and cauliflower. Although you may think of pumpkins as a typical autumn vegetable, they are technically a fruit. With this variety of vegetables, you can make a tasty autumn salad.

As the temperatures fall, autumn is the perfect time to buy some warm clothes. But because of all the cars and electricity and all the pollution the planet is getting warmer and warmer, so it doesn’t really snow in England anymore. So, to protect our environment watch out and try not to drive the car so often or always turn the lights off if you do notneed them. Not only would it help the weather conditions, but also the animals like polar bears that are at risk of losing their homes.

In autumn, many people get sick because they forget to wear something warm, then freeze, and the next day they are sick, stay at home, or go to school or work, and give their cold to others. This means that colds are easily spread and very common in the autumn months so stay at home when you need to.

Here are some activity's you can do in autumn:

·Try to watch birds

·Go for a hike

·Collect colorful autumn leaves

·Go to the library in cold weather and read some books you like or study

·Jump in a pile of leaves

·Go pumpkin picking

·Carve a pumpkin

·Make toffee apples

·Collect chestnuts

·Have a scary movie night

·Make an acorn necklace

·Make apple cider

Hopefully you have picked up some tips on how to enjoy the rest of the autumn season while you can. Christmas is around the corner, hopefully this year we’ll get some snow!

Here are some more fun facts you might enjoy:

Did you know that candy corn was originally called chicken feet?

Did you know that autumn was once called Harvest?

In America, autumn is called Fall because of the leaves falling from the trees.

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